• Construction worker in safety gear using heavy machinery for stabilization work on a steep, rocky shoreline.
  • Wooden dock extending into a calm lake with surrounding trees and a rocky shoreline under a clear sky.
  • A construction crane operating near a metal cofferdam along the river shoreline, with trees in the background.
  • A shoreline area under construction with large rocks forming a barrier, freshly laid sand, a shovel upright in the ground, and a dock extending into the water.

Shorelines – Natural Stone, Sheet Pile, and More

Shoreline erosion and stabilization is a problem for most waterfront homeowners. Lakeside Marine Contracting offers a variety of solutions to help you regain your shoreline and combat future erosion. From natural slab stone retaining walls to vinyl or steel sheet piling, we will work with you to design and develop a shoreline that complements your lifestyle and waterfront. Call us today to get started on your new waterfront!


Docks – Floating, Permanent, Crib, and Cantilevered

Lakeside Marine Contracting prides themselves on offering beautiful, longstanding permanent and floating docks. Lakeside is uncompromising in their choice of materials and method of install. After all, docks in our climate need to withstand a range of inclement weather – ice not excepted.

Permanent docks are only as strong as their foundation. Large, thickwalled piles/piers are placed on the lakebed and pinned in place with thick walled steel piles that are driven or drilled into bedrock. These piers are filled with rock and clear gravel to give added strength against the impact of ice and waves. Each stationary dock has its own custom steel frame, providing strength in all directions. All of Lakeside’s docks are constructed with new heavy gauge steel and engineered to extend the life of the structure.

Our floating docks are very similar in construction. Built on heavy-gauge steel tubes, our floating docks are stable and built to last. Steel framing and substructure extends the life of your dock and promises years of enjoyment on the water.

Docks are finished with pressure treated wood, cedar or composite materials.