• Stone retaining walls in a landscaped area with trees and a walkway, hinting at an elevated park or residential setting near boathouses.
  • Wooden fence leading to a small cabin in a forested area with sunlight filtering through the trees, near secluded boathouses.
  • A tranquil lakeside scene with a rocky shore in the foreground and a wooden boathouse partially obscured by birch and evergreen trees.
  • Wooden backyard compost bin surrounded by trees, with a stone pathway leading to it, set against a fence near boathouses.
  • Dry-stacked stone retaining walls with stair steps in a park-like setting, surrounded by trees, boathouses, and a distant bridge.

Lakeside can install various types of retaining walls depending on the specific needs and requirements of the project. Precast Concrete and Timber retaining walls are suitable for most properties looking for a natural look.